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You find yourself captured on a sinking German U-Boat. The Crew has evacuated after the ship was damaged in battle. Break out of containment and fix the submarine before it sinks into destruction. Famous artifacts and artworks are being stolen from all over the world.

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Your investigations have led you to the radical religious sect known as The Order of the Skull and Scepter. Soon you realize that a lot more is at stake than the stolen art.

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But beware… the Order will stop at nothing to make sure their plans are fulfilled. Legend talks about how the Great Dragon almost destroyed the world as we know it. The Sorcerers of Light prevailed in the Great Battle and locked up the dragon deep inside the magic castle of Azurio.

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The Fountain of Hope stripped its powers for centuries. Now, a new Lord of Darkness has emerged! More than a decade before beginning her career at the University of Nevada, Reno Police Department, those cuffs belonged to Reno police officer John Bohach, killed 13 years ago today in a gunfight at a home on Vassar Street.

On Aug.

The shot pierced the hood of a truck Bohach used as cover before hitting him in the chest, police said. Peck was arrested after a five-hour standoff with police. Peck, convicted of first-degree murder in , died last year in a Nevada prison serving two-consecutive life terms. The day of the shooting, Reid's father, Tom Reid — a groomsman in Bohach's wedding and then-Reno police detective who retired from the force in — was the first officer to inform Bohach's parents in person on their son's death.

I was in shock," he said.


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I still to this day, I think about it a lot. I'm not really over it, still. But the people I really feel sorry for the most were his mom and dad. Reid and Bohach met for family gatherings in Tahoe and other camping excursions.

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Their children became good friends. Mom picked me up. I knew something was wrong. She wouldn't tell me why. She said an officer had died. I was first scared it was my dad.